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Scalloped potatoes

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This delicious recipe is irresistible, it can make you lighter with a few simple adjustments, and it is tempting for children and adults before the little ones.

Potato scallops are among the “appetizers” foods served as a side dish on your trip, or as an item at dinner.

It is a classic recipe and is lighter with milk instead of heavy cream, with garlic, parmesan cheese, cheddar cheese, and chicken nuggets.

* Ingredients :

° 2 Tbs butter

° 2 Tbs flour


° 1 tsp salt

° 1/3 tsp pepper

° 2 cups milk

° 5 cups potatoes , thinly sliced

* Instructions :

Meltt butter in a big saucepan on low heat. Stirring in flour until soft also fizzy . Stirring in salt & pepper. Progressively add milk, stirring until thicken & bubbly .

Join sliced potatoes to sauce. Covering & simmer for  9 min.Transfering mixture to a greased 12 8 baking plate . (spread top with grated parmeesan cheese if wanted )

Baking un-covered 375 F about  46 min


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