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No-Bake Cookies 😋 Yum or Yuck ?

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An easy cookie recipe

* Ingredients :

° 200g of oatmeal,

° 130g of dark chocolate,

° 2 cases of powdered sugar (you can even not put any at all),

° 2 cases of milk,

° 50g of coconut powder,

° 1 pinch of salt.

* Preparation :

* in a saucepan, heat the milk, the chocolate cut into small pieces, the salt and the sugar together over low heat, stirring regularly until the chocolate melts well.

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* in a salad bowl, add the oatmeal and coconut then pour the chocolate mixture little by little, mixing everything so that the flakes are well impregnated with the chocolate.

* prepare a baking sheet with baking paper or aluminum foil. Make small heaps of flakes and place on the baking sheet then let cool in the fridge until the cookies harden. Enjoy your meal !


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