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Crispy and tender…My fav of all time !! These simply scrumptious FRIED POTATOES AND ONIONS are perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner !!! The picture alone will make your stomach growl LOL !!
– Peanut oil : enough to wet the entire bottom of your pan
– Unsalted sweet cream butter: 2 tbs
– Idaho Russet or Red potatoes: 1 lb (I always use Reds, but it’s up to you)
– Salted water
– Sweet onion like Vidalia: ½ medium sized
– Salt and Pepper to taste

– Paprika and fresh basil: For Garnishing

1. Over medium heat (just a little more than medium on my electric stove), place a heavy 9” cast iron skillet. And please pour into oil and add the butter as well.
2. Make sure to let it heat until the oil is shimmery on the surface (not smoking). And please pull it off the heat and allow to cool some until it is shimmery again in case it starts to smoke.
3. The potatoes should be cut up into pieces that are the same size – chips or cubes – as desired.
4. In the meantime, you may place into 4 cups of water that has 2 Tbs of salt mixed in.
5. Onion should be cut up into bigger chunks than you cut the potato.
6. You’ll want to drain the potato VERY WELL and dry with paper towels after 5 minutes.
7. Now that the oil is ready (shimmery), put the potato and the onion into the oil, making sure not to crowd the potatoes. Always remember to to lay them side by side, then let some cook, remove them to drain on a paper towel and then cook the rest if there isn’t enough room for them.
8. Once done, cook for about 4 minutes per one side then flip and cook for 2 to 4 minutes more on the other side.
9. To finish, drain on a paper towel and salt and pepper as soon as you remove from the oil. Garnish and serve hot & ENJOY !!

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