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Lemon Coconut Cake

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I had a little problem with the mold release because I didn’t wait to release it, but it was very good.


* Ingredients:

– For a mini-cheesecake:

° 100 g of coconut cookies

° 60 g of butter

° 250 g of ricotta

° 150 g of Saint-Morêt

° 120 g sugar

° the juice of 2 lemons

° 2 eggs

° coconut powder

* Preparation:


Mix the cookies with the butter and press everything into a high mold.


Beat the cheeses with an electric mixer to obtain a creamy consistency. In a saucepan heat the lemon with the sugar until it thickens. Add to the cheese and mix well, then add the eggs one by one while mixing.

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Add this preparation to the mold and sprinkle generously with coconut, place in the oven for 20 to 30 minutes, the cheesecake should move in the middle when you shake the mold.


Leave to cool for a good half an hour in the open oven and a few hours in the refrigerator.


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