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Do Nothing Cake

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TOP Reviews:
The all loved this.
I didnt have evaporated milk so i used sweetened condensed milk and no sugar instead, and it worked out fine.

Made this today and both my husband and I say “it’s a keeper”. This was so easy to make. I love the heavy dense texture to this cake. I will for sure be making it again. Yum!

Yum. We liked this a lot. What a nice change from the usual cake with powdered sugar frosting. Very dense cake and next time I may bake just a bit shorter time. I ran out of sugar so used 1/4 white sugar and 3/4 brown sugar for frosting. Still turned out lovely – just sweet enough and really good with chopped pecans. Will make again. Thanks,

Ok, this is a rich dense cake like my mother-in-law used to make in rural East Texas…one you would take to family gatherings…the old recipes always had condensed milk and real butter somewhere…looking for comfort food? This one reminds you of how the wonderful cooks of the forties and fifties used to do it…..Husbands will love a taste of how grandma used to make a extra special treat for the family or used to take it to the church social! If your cake turned out soggy, you probably under cooked it..must test with a tooth pick that comes out clean..and be sure you boil the frosting a full 5 minutes until it starts to” thicken”and turns a little brown…Then remove from the heat and add vanilla, coconut and pecans. Allow to cool..

Just made it. The taste is great! The cake itself is just a touch dry – quite possibly because my tin of pineapples was a bit smaller than 20oz. I can’t wait to take it over to my folks – my dad loves anything with coconut.

I make this cake all the time. I always add crushed walnuts to the batter, other times I shred a couple of carrots and add that plus the crushed walnuts to turn it into a yummy carrot cake. I have never tried the frosting it suggests for this recipe. I always top this cake with a cream cheese frostings.

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I made this exactly as written and took it to a church potluck today. Everyone loved it and I brought home an empty pan. I was assured that I was welcome to make it again anytime!

You’ll Need (for the cake):

2 cups of sugar.
2 cups of flour.
2 eggs.

As you can see in the title, it’s a do nothing cake! This recipe is so easy to prepare, a kid can do it! And the result is just amazing! Check this out.

You’ll Need (for the cake):

2 cups of sugar.
2 cups of flour.
2 eggs.
1 tsp of baking soda.
1 tsp of vanilla.
16 ounces of undrained crushed pineapple.

You’ll Need (for the icing):

½ cup of butter.
1 cup of sugar.
¾ cup of evaporated milk.
1 cup of coconut.
1 cup of nuts.
1 tsp of vanilla.

How to:

In a bowl, mix the sugar, flour, eggs, baking soda, vanilla and pineapple until well blended using a spoon.
In a 13×9 cake pan, pour the batter and bake for 35 to 40 minutes in a preheated oven to 350°.
To make the icing, mix together the butter, sugar and evaporated milk and cook for 5 minutes over medium heat to thicken a little.
Turn off the heat and add in the coconut, nuts and vanilla then ice the cake while it’s still hot.
Bonne Appétit!

Easy, peasy and yummy! This cake is to good to be true! How can something so simple and easy be so sweet and delicious? You should definitely try this one yourselves, you will love it.


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