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Chocolate cake recıpe

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Chocolate cake recıpe
Discover the best recipe for fondant chocolate cake. A very easy to make chocolate cake with a soft center and a crispy top. Give this chocolate cake a try! * INGREDIENTS :

°Dark chocolate 200g °Egg 4 °Sugar 150g °Flour 80g °Butter 200g * Methods:
1Preheat the oven therm.6 (200°C). 2Break the chocolate bar into a small bowl. Add 4 tablespoons of water and melt in the microwave. Be careful not to cook the chocolate.

3Melt the butter in another small bowl in the microwave and add it to the bowl of melted chocolate. To mix together. 4In a large bowl, mix the eggs and the sugar, then the flour.

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5Pour the melted chocolate into the large bowl and mix until a smooth paste is obtained.

To finishPour into a buttered and floured pan. Cook for about 25 minutes (adjust this cooking time to obtain a more or less melting heart). Enjoy your lunch !