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Merry cheese danishes

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This soft, gooey, and creamy dessert is simple but stunning. The crescent rolls put the sweet cream cheese and tart cherries together.
These sweets are simple and tasty. If you love Danish cherries and cheese, then you need to try them out! You will be getting a good warm Danish pastry in twenty minutes. The filling on these cookies is outstanding and enjoyed by anyone who tastes them. They come together so easily you can make them at any time and they are a simple breakfast option.
My favorite homemade Danish recipe often begins with a super successful shortcut to make the process simple. All the kneading and rolling and stuff you skip It and just begin with a can of refrigerated crescent dough.
You only have to cut it into circles, flatten them, and fill them with the filling, still really simple when you use canned cherry pie filling. Then just put them in a warm oven, spill the glaze over, and drizzle the remainder until they’ve cooled.


A can.Of Pillsbury Crescent Rolls.

Few tbsp. Of flour, just for dusting.


120 gr.Of soft cream cheese.

1/3 Cup.Of regular sugar.

Vanilla extract.

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For Cherry pie filling, I used one medium box.


1/3 Cup.Of icing sugar.

2 Tsp.Of milk.


Step 1:

I opened the roll jar and using a serrated knife I sliced them into thin slices, to make 10 slices.

Step 2:

I placed each strip onto a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper.

Step 3:

To flatten each roll, I used a measuring cup and make a small wall around it.

Step 4:

Using a very tiny quantity of flour to prevent it from sticking and I pressed with my fingertips.
For the Filling, just follow what I did and you’ll be surprised by the result:

Step 5:

I mixed all of the ingredients together until smooth.

Step 6:

And in each Danish, I poured a small quantity of the filling.

Step 7:

After that, I added a spoon of cherries.

Step 8:

And I baked at 350 degrees for around 20 minutes in the oven.

Step 9:

I let the danishes cool slightly and I prepared the icing.


Step 10:

I just combined the milk and sugar and I brushed the Danishes with the icing combo.
Try these Mini Cherry Cheese Danishes, and show me your creations in the comments below!


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