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Toll House Famous Fudge

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Preparing chocolate fudge and hazelnuts has become one of the most easy things that a housewife can prepare for her family members in an easy and simple way, and this is through the use of some simple ingredients and also through the application of easy steps, as chocolate in general is considered one of the things that most delight children and adults, Therefore, it is indispensable to prepare it for the family in order to eat it as a “snack” between meals, and it can also be adopted as breakfast alongside a warm drink, as the “chocolate fudge” is considered one of the desserts that many people like to eat at any time of the day. Work details.

* Ingredients used:

° 300 grams of chocolate chunks

° tablespoon of butter

° 200 grams of sugar

° Pinch of salt

° Eighty grams of small chopped hazelnuts

How to prepare chocolate fudge:

Bring a square-shaped tray and then apply a layer of oil to it.

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Bring a bowl and put the butter in it and put it on a low heat until it is completely melted.

Add both sugar and milk to the butter and leave them on a low heat for five minutes and do not stop stirring constantly the ingredients.

Remove the mixture from the fire and put both “chocolate pieces, hazelnuts” on it.

Stir the mixture until you are sure that the chocolate is completely melted.

After making sure that it is completely melted, put the mixture in the square tray.

Leave this mixture in the refrigerator for a quarter of an hour or a third of an hour, and then cut it into small squares.

The fudge is kept in a sealed plastic box, just use parchment paper to separate the layers of fudge, and the wisdom of this is that the squares do not stick to each other.


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