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I’m OBSESSED WITH BROWNIES, I always make different variations, but Today’s recipe Is about a different sort of BROWNIES, FULL OF COCONUT FLAVOR, To enjoy them, you’ve got to be a coconut fan because there’s a lot of it, so if you are, you’ll love them. They remind me of a candy bar in the Mounds. 

It’s an understatement to say they’re rich and moist. The brownie is fudgy in itself, not cakey at all. You have to allow them to cool for a couple of hours after making them, but it’s better to let it overnight.


*A prepared pan of brownies(family size).

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*A large Can Of sweetened condensed-milk.

*5 C.Of shredded coconut.

*1 C.Of powdered sugar.

*1 Can of chocolate-frosting.


-STEP 1-Have the brownies ready and let them cool down.

-STEP 2-Combine the “coconut” with “sweetened condensed milk” and “powdered sugar” in the bowl of a stand mixer, and beat for 3 separated minutes, till all the ingredients are well combined.

-STEP 3-Spread the combination of coconut over the prepared brownies.

-STEP 4-For 10 seconds, put the frosting can in the microwave.

-STEP 5-Over the coconut mixture, pour the melted chocolate frosting and let it cool, and set for 15 minutes.

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