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Blackened salmon salad

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Barbacoa is a form of cooking meat that originated in the Caribbean with the Taíno people, from which the term “barbecue” derives. In contemporary Mexico, it generally refers to meats or whole sheep slow-cooked over an open fire, or more traditionally, in a hole dug in the ground covered with maguey leaves, although the interpretation is loose, and in the present day (and in some cases) may refer to meat steamed until tender.

In the US, barbacoa is often prepared with parts from the heads of cattle, such as the cheeks. In northern Mexico, it is also sometimes made from beef head, but more often it is prepared from goat meat (cabrito). In central Mexico, the meat of choice is lamb, and in the Yucatan, their traditional version, cochinita pibil (pit-style pork), is prepared with pork.

Barbacoa was later adopted into the cuisine of the southwestern United States by way of Texas, which had formerly been a part of northern Mexico. The word transformed in time to “barbecue”, as well as many other words related to ranching and Tex-Mex cowboy or vaquero life. Considered a specialty meat, some meat markets only sell barbacoa on weekends or holidays in certain parts of South Texas and in all of Mexico. Barbacoa is also popular in Florida, as many Mexican immigrants living there have introduced this dish. Barbacoa is also well known in Honduras.

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4 Fresh Or Frozen Wild Caught Salmon Fillets

2 Tbsp Paprika

Pinch Cayenne Optional

1 Tbsp Onion Powder

1 Tbsp Garlic Powder

1 Tsp Dried Thyme

1 Tsp Dried Basil

1 Tsp Dried Oregano

1/2 Tsp Cracked Black Pepper

1 Tbsp Salt

2 Tbsp Melted Butter Or Ghee If Following The Whole 30 Diet

Lemon Cut In Half

Boiled Eggs Sliced Or Diced (Whichever You Like On Your Salad)

Avocado Same As Above

Tomatoes Same As Above

Spring Mix

THE Best Homemade Ranch Dressing Ever.

Instructions :

Preheat The Grill (Or Pan On The Stove, If You’d Prefer)

Mix Dry Seasoning Together In A Bowl, And Generously Coat Both Sides Of The Salmon Fillets.

Grill The Salmon For About 3 Min Per Side, Or Until Fish Flakes With A Fork.

Baste On Both Sides With Butter (Or Ghee).

Squeeze Lemon Juice From The Lemon Halves On Each Fillet For A Little Extra Flavor.

Mix Together Greens, Tomatoes, Avocado, Boiled Egg And Then Add The Ranch Dressing.

Place The Salad Mixture In Four Individual Bowls, And Top Each Bowl With A Salmon Fillet.

Enjoy !!