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This tomato salad is best for the ones days whilst you need some thing mild and are searching out an clean and scrumptious aspect dish.
I’ve delivered panela cheese cubes, however in case you are searching out a vegan option, you may leave out it and it is also scrumptious.
The mystery to those salads is to apply the hottest elements to decorate the taste of the scrumptious vegetables. With best 3 elements, this dish may be very clean to flavor.
For this salad, I use a distinct ratio of vinaigrette, the usage of much less oil and extra vinegar. You can discover purple wine vinegar in any supermarket, it isn’t expensive, bottle. It lasts for a long term and the taste it offers to salads is amazing.
I served it with white rice with butter, you can not consider the taste, it is scrumptious, and with a few grilled fowl breasts. A domestic made meal complete of flavors which you and your own circle of relatives will love. Here is the video recipe.
* Ingredients :
° 1 small cucumber, peeled and de-seeded (1 cup)
° 2 chopped purple tomatoes
° 1 orange or yellow pepper (chopped)
° 1 cup diced panela cheese
° 2 tablespoons of purple wine vinegar
° 1 tablespoon olive oil
° teaspoon dried thyme
° Salt and pepper to flavor
* Instructions :
Mix olive oil, oregano, vinegar, or lemon juice in a bowl and season with salt and pepper to flavor.
Add the cucumber, tomato, candy pepper and panela cheese and blend well.
Season to flavor with salt and pepper and serve.
Vinegar: If you can not get purple wine vinegar you may extrade it for lemon juice, the taste will extrade loads however it is nonetheless imagined to have a wealthy taste.
Enjoy !
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