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DIY Mold Removal

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Fed up of mold coming back time & time again ? The most common type of mold found in homes is mildew, which is a surface appearance that multiplies in warm and damp places, such as bathrooms, damp fabrics and stores in the basement, and the mildew initially appears in the form of a gray or white colony and then turns brown or black if it remains For a long time, and if there is a clear musty smell in the house, this means that the concentration of mildew is high, which may come from damp-filled walls, towels or carpets, and here the necessary measures and methods must be taken to get rid of mold naturally.
Ways to get rid of mold naturally Mildew may have an ugly appearance and pose a threat to the health of the home, so it must be completely and professionally disposed of, using the materials necessary to prevent it from appearing again, and these are ways to get rid of mold naturally.
++ Identify areas affected by mold, because growing mold in the house leads to serious health problems, and wood furniture is removed. Wear nonporous gloves on hands during the cleaning process, to prevent skin and skin irritation.
++ Fill a spray bottle with natural white vinegar without diluting it with water, and make sure to fill a sufficient amount to cover the surface to be cleaned. Spray vinegar over the entire affected area.
++ Leave the vinegar on the surface for at least an hour to kill the mold, and then rub the area with warm water and a cleaning brush, while continuing to dip the brush with water during cleaning.
++ Wipe the area that was cleaned, using a clean towel and warm water, and then leave the area to dry with adequate ventilation.
++ It is possible to mix white vinegar with baking soda in the same spray can, to enhance the strength of the product and permanently kill mold, but it is not recommended to mix vinegar with chlorine, as this creates toxic and dangerous fumes.
Preventing mold in the home Preventing mold from multiplying in the home is very important to the health and safety of people, household furniture and its general appearance, because mold negatively affects the purity of the air in the home, and preventing it is not a difficult task.
++ Control of humidity: As humidity is the appropriate environment for the growth of mold, so the house must be kept dry permanently.
++ Opening the windows during the shower: To prevent the accumulation of moisture and dew on the bathroom walls, and upon completion of the shower, dry the walls and the basin with a dry mop, and this process is done after each shower.
++ Do not ignore wet clothes: so that wet clothes do not leave for a long time without spreading them, and do not hang them before making sure that they are completely dry.
++ Treatment of standing water: Spills and floods should be cleaned up immediately, whether on floors, furniture, carpets, bedding or inside walls.
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