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Pillsbury’s Crescent Roll Taco Bake

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We love this simple5 five-ingredient taco-recipe casserole.Fill buttered crescent-shaped pasta with your favorite tacos, & get ready to join club of clean bowls.Topping with chop lettuce & tomatoes about an even more authentic taco.
* Ingredients :
1 Can (8 oz) Chilled Pillsbury™ Original Crescent Rolls (8 Count)
1 lb (at least 80%) ground beef
3/4 Cup of Old El Paso Sauce™ Thick & Chunky
2 tablespoons Old El Paso™ taco seasoning mix (from a 1-ounce package)
1 1 c shredded cheddar-cheese (4 ounces)

* Steps  :
Heat oven 375 degrees F .The extracted dough is divided to 8 triangles.Placing in 9-inch square pan or 10-inch un-greased cake pan; Press bottom also top sides to form  crust.
2 In  10-inch skillet, cooking meat on medium heat about 8 to 10 min, stir occasionally, to cooked through;.Adding salsa & taco seasoning mix; Cooking for 5 min .Pour  meat mix to pan covered with crust; Sprinkling with cheese.
3  Baking about 14 to 17 min Serving wiith lettuce & tomato if wanted .
Enjoy !
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