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The Famous Woolworth Ice Box Cheesecake

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The Tarte is a kind of light cheesecake, made from the famous cheese of gourmets in short pants. My daughter’s treat!

* Ingredients :

° 1 (3 ounce) pack lemon Jell-O

° 1 cup boiling water

° 8 ounces cream cheese

° 1 cup granulated sugar

° 5 large spoon lemon juice

° 1 12 oz can Carnation Evaporated milk, well chilled

° Graham crackers, mashed

* Directions :

Melt Jell-O in boiling water . Cool until lightly thickened.

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Whisk  cream cheese, sugar and lemon juice with mixer until smooth. Add deepen Jell-O & whisk well .

In a part bowl, whisk the Carnation milk until downy. Add cream cheese/Jell-O mixture and whisk very well with mixer.

Line bottom of 9  13 pan with mashed Graham crackers.

Drizzle filling over & top with crushed Graham crackers..


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