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The nutritional value of the beans decreases and the amount of fat in the plate increases when they are fried

* Ingredients :

° Two onions of a medium size and chopped.

° A 1 of crushed garlic.

° 3 tablespoons  olive oil.

°  1 kilo of green beans.

° 2 cups of vegetable broth.

° 2 boxes of mashed tomatoes.

° A 1/4 of a kilogram of minced meat.


* How to prepare :

Put the olive oil and the onion pieces in a saucepan, then raise the pot over a medium heat, cook the onions until transparent, then add the crushed garlic to the saucepan and stir well. Add minced meat to the mixture and continue cooking until the meat is brown, then add tomatoes and cook until the mixture becomes thick. Add vegetable broth to the ingredients and leave the mixture on the fire until it boils, then reduce the temperature and leave the mixture on a low heat for about twenty minutes. Add the green beans and leave the mixture to boil again, then cook the mixture on a low heat for about twenty minutes until the green beans are tender and tender. Serve the green bean stew ready.

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