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A medium package. Of dried Northern beans, I used the 16-ounces sizes.

3 to 4 Meaty-ham hock shank, sometimes, I used also meaty ham bone about.

1 small diced white Onion.

Enough water to cover the beans.

Salt & pepper, to taste

1/3 Cup of Light brown sugar.

Directions :

-The initial step I began with, was to sort the beans for rocks, and afterward I cleaned them under cool water.

-In the simmering pot, I consolidated the washed beans, with the onion, ocean salt, and pepper, as well as the ham knifes pawns or ham, that I’ve hacked into huge pieces previously.

-From that point onward, I added sufficient water to cover the beans by around 2 inches. This could yield roughly 6 to 8 cups.

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-Once finished, I covered and cooked over low high hotness for around 120 minutes, then I decreased to low and keep cooking for an extra 4 to 5 hours, or until beans were delicate.

-Following that, I eliminated the ham knifes or pawns, taking out the entirety of the hamburger.

-Following that, I returned the meat to the stewing pot and added the earthy colored sugar at this stage.

-I found it very gainful to deplete around 1 cup of the juice prior to applying the earthy colored sugar, contingent upon the thickness or slenderness of the beans, and I blended everything tenderly to join.

-What’s more, to finish up, I liked to empty some into individual dishes for serving!

Enjoy !